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After ten or so years working at the sharp end of Contemporary Music ( jazz, rock, electronic and dance, new composition, world musics) for a national organisation based in London – as promotor, producer, education facilitator, manager Peter Luxton set up a consultancy and production organisation in the mid eighties.

We have worked on projects from the first Camden Jazz Weeks in London in the mid seventies to Cultural Centres in France, the Knitting Factory in New York, the Bim Huis in Amsterdam, the Berlin Philharmonie, to everything in between, including major outdoor events. Peter Luxton has worked with everyone from James Brown to Chet Baker, Union Dance Company to Brad Mehldau, Illuminations to the BBC, Polygram to Rough Trade, the Montreal Festival to the Edinburgh Festival, the Gil Evans Orchestra to the London Sinfonietta, the Art Ensemble of Chicago to Incognito and the Rolling Stones. Peter Luxton still has a particular interest in, and substantial experience of, creative programming and production of festivals, in the UK and internationally.

But we have also undertaken a great deal of work within a broader context of the relationship of culture to regeneration, city planning and development, and in the whole area of making spaces. Indeed, a great deal of our work with the Architecture Centre Network was working with individual architecture centres in cities and city regions, who are working directly with urban designers, planners, developers, artists in the very broad area of developing city identity distinctiveness and diversity.

In all our work, we work with a range of core associates, forming innovative multidisciplinary teams where appropriate with other professionals, including architects (e.g. Burrell Foley Fischer), planners (Dr John Montgomery/Urban Cultures Ltd), market research and planning specialists (Morris Hargreaves McIntyre), sound and lighting consultants (RNSS) and other disciplines. We work with artists, architects, urbanists, musicians, media companies, designers, production, marketing and finance experts, agents, publishers, film and television production companies, studio and the associated development agencies - which  enables our approach to be flexible, highly informed, and innovative, but based on rigorous critical and economic perspectives.