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In some senses Peter Luxton is a generalist, rather than a specialist, a cultural urbanist. In the last twenty years, we have deliberately undertaken work in a range of areas that we have an interest in, rather than specializing on one artform for example – our interests are wider than that. We are interested in culturally driven regeneration for example, and in the relationship between culture and urban development – in urban design, in the animation of spaces and places, in interculturalism, and in the relationship between these and urban identity.

Below are examples of a range of projects, by type of activity, by artform for example, we have been involved with. As can be seen, many are forms which are twentieth century forms, or even twentieth first century forms – not necessarily the traditional artforms, which are written down or notated, but arts which have roots in particular cultures or places, but embrace technology, new ways of understanding or working. The portfolio includes:

Film and the Moving Image
Architecture, Design and the Built Environment
Culture and Regeneration
Cultural Strategy
Culture & Sport
Cultural Festivals
Cultural Diversity
Circus Arts
Contemporary Music
Digital Arts and New Media
Street Arts
Training and Development in the Creative Industries