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LUXTON CULTURAL ASSOCIATES is an independent International Cultural Planning, Consultancy, and Production organisation. We are based in the South East of England, UK with an office in Brighton.

PETER LUXTON the Director of Luxton Cultural Associates (LCA).

Luxton Cultural Associates has been in existence for six years, previously traded as ppARTnerships, an independent cultural consultancy and production organisation established some twelve years previously, in 1989, which had an impressive track record of producing cultural work for a range of clients, in the UK and internationally.

We have particular interests in architecture and the built environment, the music and media industries, and in the development of new cultural facilities and infrastructures. Our current interests are the analysis and development of creative industries value networks in new urban contexts; the impact of high quality cultural architecture and urban design in city development; and the development of new creative production projects and programmes, particularly those which cross cultural boundaries and are culturally diverse.

The essence of our approach is the combination of three elements:

  • Continuing Research and Development work into cultural practice; in particular creative and cultural industries.
  • Corporate Development Strategy work with cultural clients ranging from independent international festival organisations to local authorities ;
  • Continuing Cultural Production work, within a number of cultural areas – particularly music and media.

Within these three elements, what we provide is an informed, intelligent, creative approach, but one which is based on the needs of creative practice, a pragmatic, realistic, approach which recognises the need for a vision, but also understands the basic corporate requirement of viability and sustained development.

So now, our work covers a broad range of the contemporary cultural spectrum - from Dance to Film, Architecture to Music , Visual Arts to Design.