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We commenced an important, and exciting, project working with South East Dance Ltd  in the winter of 2006/7, examining the UK and international markets for ScreenDance, in its many forms, and through the very many distribution channels now available, from the DVD to Net TV. (www.southeastdance.org.uk).

We are currently working with the Leeds based musician and composer, Matthew Bourne, on a number of new projects integrating music with dance and film. Bourne has been commissioned to write works for the Bath International Music Festival, London Jazz Festival, Leeds Fuse Festival and recently from pianist Joanna MacGregor and Faber Music. Bourne’s work has often been broadcast on various BBC Radio and Television programmes. He has appeared at festivals and concerts across Europe and in the USA, and has developed a unique style which distances himself from his contemporaries focus on more traditional approaches, and explores instead the world of contemporary classical composition and the avant-garde.  (www.matthewbourne.com)

A completed contract in 2006 was to examine the option to extend the Woking Dance Festival (WDF) to an annual event, working with the WDF Director Eckhard Thiemann, its Board, its venues, and its stakeholders – as well as consulting with relevant bodies such as Dance Umbrella, Dance Consortium, and the Arts Council South East. 

Peter Luxton developed, on a part time contract, in the period 2002-6, the UK Architecture Centre Network the second largest in the world, (possibly even the first now!) with in excess of 20 strategically located independent centres ranging from the Lighthouse in Glasgow to Kent Architecture Centre in the SEEDA region. (www.architecturecentre.net).

The Network is now up and running, in a robust and influential way, working hard with its member Architecture & Built Environment Centres, to challenge, change, and champion the value of good design in the development of our existing and new communities. Within this, the role of creativity was key, and it is instructive to look at the creative work of centres such as the Lighthouse in Glasgow, MADE in Birmingham, the Architecture Foundation or the Building Exploratory in London, in the development of new ways of engaging with constituencies and communities about the public realm and the built environment through the visual arts and media.

In 2005, Peter Luxton worked as a strategic adviser to the Creative Foundation in Folkestone advising, and coordinating, specific development aspects of a major cultural quarter project in Folkestone, a project which combined a robust and rigorous approach to financial sustainability and growth (purchasing the freehold of a critical mass of properties in the old town centre of Folkestone) and refocusing the properties as live work spaces for visual artists, craftspeople, galleries, as well as associated tourism opportunities. (www.creativefoundation.org.uk)

Peter Luxton has also been working for a number of years on development contracts with the International Film Festival in Edinburgh, researching new markets, managing organisational development programmes, investigating capital options. (www.edfilmfest.org.uk)