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LCA undertakes:Architecture & Urban Design
creative approach to the development of places and buildings of quality and distinctiveness.

Cultural Planning Project Management
from a local, to an international basis.

Feasibility Studies and Business Planning
robust research and analysis, business modelling, risk assessment and projection, VFM assessments, and option appraisals

Capital and Revenue Finance 
financial management of major projects

Market Assessment and Planning
market planning within different constituencies and territories, particularly interested

in psychographic market assessments and applications.
Major National Lottery bids- successful applications for major funds .

Public and Private Sector partnerships
advocacy / negotiation / development work with development agencies

Organisational Development
consultants of many years standing

Education and Training
work including initiation, management, delivery

capital facility development, management and operation

Strategic Policy & Planning
development work with Government departments, RDA’s. Regional Arts Councils, as well as agencies such as CABE

Culture and Regeneration
development strategies and projects